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My Testimonials:

We were in a pinch for needing a pet/house sitter as our previous sitter was no longer a good fit for us. In my stress I started looking online for sitters that served our area....and I looked at a lot of confusing, uninformative and out of date websites. When I came across the site for Pawsitive Petcare 4U it was incredibly organized, informative and so up to date that it was clear when they were available and not. Luckily they were when I needed them because I honestly wasn't thrilled with my any other options. Upon initial contact, Kristin got back with me within an hour!! Awesome!

As for service, our meet & greet meeting went very well. Kristin was extremely attentive, friendly, professional and was sure to clarify her questions before we left town. While on our trip, she texted me during each visit -- and gave me total PEACE OF MIND. She was thorough, organized and definitely loves animals! I will absolutely keep using Pawsitive Petcare in the future for our critter crew (dogs, parrots, turtles)!!

- Jennifer via Google

Kristen is so nice! I always feel comfortable with her coming into my house and taking good care of my cat while I'm gone.

- Rebecca via Google

Kristin walks my dog, Chloe, once a week. She is very dependable and professional. Chloe LOVES her! With Pawsitive Petcare 4U, you can't go wrong!

- Bonnie via Google (2nd Review)

"Pawsitive Petcare 4U was an answer to a prayer. We moved here from out of state and were returning for a week for my daughters wedding but too far to take our dog and cat. We didn't want to take them to a strange place after just moving so I did a search and found Pawsitive Petcare 4U. Kristin was amazing!!!! She took care of our fur babies like they were her own and sent daily updates and pictures to put our mind at ease. They did well with her. We will definitely call again."

- Kathi via Google

We contacted Kristin at Pawsitive Petcare 4U on short notice to watch our 7 year old English Mastiff. She accommodated our dogs needs, providing numerous visits and daily walks to help with the anxiety of us being away. Kristin provided us with daily updates including pictures and videos of our dog to help keep our minds at ease. She encountered issues with our garage door and worked around those issues to make sure our dog was well taken care of and our home was secure. We returned home to a happy dog and our home just as we had left it. Kristin seems to have a solid animal background and the knowledge and know-how that gives you the peace of mind you are looking for when you leave your animal behind. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with.

- Justin via Thumbtack

I used Pawsitive Petcare 4U to dog sit my three dogs when I found out I had to book a flight last minute and leave for the weekend. The pet sitter was very professional and gave me daily updates and pictures while I was gone. I HIGHLY recommend Pawsitive Petcare 4U if you love your animals because their service is the best!! :-)

- Ashley via Google

Kristin is a phenomenal pet sitter. I was nervous because I moved to a new city and had no friends to watch my cat. I am very glad I went with Kristin! She gave him all of his vitamins and even an extra probiotic he needed from the vet. I’ve used her twice and she always messages me back right away, spends a lot of time playing with roary, and she sends me photos and health updates daily! My cat is very nervous and shy but after a few days of her visits he absolutely loves her! He even purrs and makes happy noises around her. I will use her again most definitely.

- Brielle via Google

Meet Boss: A Rescued Pup!
 This is boss, he was a pup that we just happened to run into and couldn't walk away from.......

My boyfriend and I went to the local shelter to pick up our kittens that we had just adopted.  While we were waiting, a guy came in with this 10 month old puppy.  He seemed like he couldn't really control him, he was pulling and growling but seemed very scared.  The man told the lady at the counter that he just couldn't handle him anymore and he wanted to drop him off at the shelter. The lady behind the counter explained to the man that the shelter was completely full and they didn't have any cages left for dogs so he would have to come back in a day or two. 


The man said he couldn't take this dog back home with him because he was chewing up his house and peeing on the floor and he said was going to leave him no matter what.  She then told him that if he left the dog there they would have not other choice but to euthanize him right away.  I looked at my boyfriend with this horrified look on my face, he was in shock too.  I couldn't believe they would just euthanized a puppy because they couldn't find room for him. The man argued with her for a few minutes later and then said "fine, I'm not taking him home so do what you want with him then".  I started to tear up thinking about the poor dog that was about to be killed because the two of them couldn't come to a compromise.  My boyfriend said " do you want to drive him up to Lollypop farm?(NY no kill animal shelter)" I thought well it would take an hour out of our day but it would be worth it to save a dogs life. I was a little worried thought because he didn't seem too friendly. 


We told the man that we could take him to the other shelter but we would have no choice but to put him in the back of the truck because we weren't' taking any chances with him biting us or attacking our new kittens.  The lady at the desk said that we couldn't do that because it was illegal, my boyfriend started getting mad and told her that we would take our chances because it's better than just leaving him there to die!  We were able to get him in the truck but we had to tie him to the inside of the bed so he wouldn't jump out right away, he started to growl and bark....I started to think what did we get ourselves into.  We got about half way there when he started getting really agitated and he started moving around a lot in the back of the truck, I was scared he would try to jump out.   We pulled over and tied him side to side and front to back so he could absolutely not move more than a foot.  We got to the shelter finally and when we opened the tailgate all of a sudden he didn't want to come out anymore. Eventually, we got him out and out of nowhere he was a totally different dog.  He was being very sweet and was even sitting on my foot and leaning up against me like I was his protector.  I brought him back to the cages and closed the door.  I got a sense of relief and I felt really good knowing that I saved him. I think he is going to be a good dog once someone shows him love and affection.  Two weeks after we dropped him off at the shelter Boss was adopted!!


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