My Policies

Meet & Greet:

I recommend scheduling a consultation several weeks before the services will begin.  This initial visit will allow me to get to know your family and your pets.  It's also important that if you have dogs, they get to know me while you're in their presence, so when I come back along, they do not feel threatened.  We will also tour your home to learn about your pet’s daily routines, where your pet’s supplies are kept and home security routines. 


Key Policy:

You will need to sign off on how you would like your keys handled (listed within the paperwork). You will have a few options, provide a key during the initial Meet & Greet (recommended) or leave a key in a hiding place of your choice (not recommended).  The reason this second option is not recommended is becasue, if for some reason you forgot to leave the key, I would have no way to enter your home, nor could I look after your pet(s).  When the services are complete, you will then decide how they are returned.  I can either keep a key on file if you feel that you will need my services again or leave it in the hidden spot of your choice. All client keys are locked in a fire-resistant safe that only myself and my assistant have access to.  We also use an internal file number to mark the keys, which ensures that keys cannot be traced back to the client or residence. My clients privacy and security is very important to me!

Payment Policy:

I require full payment prior to services and payment must be made at least 48 hours prior to the start of any services (you can pay 50% of your total due at the time of the Meet & Greet).  I accept PayPal, Apple Pay , Personal Check or Cash.  If additional services are requested or if you request that the services are extended, a payment will need to be made immediately via PayPal or Apple Pay.  You can make a payment online Services & Rates or click here.


Cancellation Policy:

I require at least 72 hours notice that you will no longer need my services.  If you notify me less than 72 hours prior to services starting, there will be a $25 cancellation fee. No refunds or credits will be given after services are completed. 

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